Showcase Rimas no Prisma

Showcase Rimas no Prisma

domingo, 2 de janeiro de 2011

Mixtape :: Dj Drama, Dead Prez - Revolutionary But Gangsta Grillz

1. Intro
2. Far From Over
3. Soul Power
4. Exhibit M
5. The Game Is A Battlefield
6. Malcolm Garvey Huey feat. Divine
7. The Beauty Within
8. KRS-ONE Speaks
9. The Movement
10. Gotta Luv It
11. Never Turn My Back
12. Don't Waste It
13. Lil' Ghetto Boy$
14. Overdose
15. Fear Not The Revolution
16. Let The People Be Heard (feat. Estelle)
17. RBG 'Til I Die (Zayd Malik feat.
18. Hood News/Struggle Like Us
19. The G In Me (feat. mikeflo)

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